Onboard and Verify Identities across Africa seamlessly

We are connecting unbanked Africans to the global economy through a single identity verification API

Through our vast network of partners across Africa we are enabling financial institutions, fintechs & developers to reach the most remote customers.

How it Works

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Familiarize with API documentation

2 Familiarize with API documentation

Integrate relevant API into product (USSD,web & mobile app)

3 Integrate relevant API into product (USSD,web & mobile app)

Seamless KYC-onboarding experience for user

4 Seamless KYC-onboarding experience for user

Use Cases

Each plan provides access to Segment's core features.

Sharing Economy

Sharing Economy

Financial Services & Fintech platforms

Financial Services & Fintech platforms

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Government & Public agencies

Multi functional across many platforms

Financial institutions across Africa and the world can plug our API into their digital channels (web,mobile,USSD) to achieve:

Seamless User onboarding

Win customers confidence, through seamless onboarding and reduce drop-off rates. Can be deployed via multiple channels.

KYC & AML compliance across the continent

Achieve compliance with central bank KYC & AML regulations cost effectively.

Eliminate redundant identity checks

Save time and provide convenience for your customers. No more multiple KYC forms

Consent driven products & services

Protect the privacy of your customers. Seek their consent to access private data.

Access quality & secured data sources

We work with partners across Africa to onboard thin file identities, to include them financially. Data sources are varied and secured.

Improved fraud detection & document authentication

Protect your customers from fraudsters and authenticate ID documents for validity.

Integrate Inclusive API and SDK in minutes

We are utilizing the latest machine learning, forensics, imaging & voice capture technology to enable thin file identities all over Africa to be financially included .

Machine learning
With cutting edge Big Data
Enabled with powerful forensic tools
Bio Capture
Voice and Imaging technology

Just plug into our Simple RESTful API with SandBox testing.

13const Inclusive = require('incl')('sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2');

    // Verify Your ID with inclusive.
    const verify = await Inclusive.verifier.check({
    type: 'voter',
    data: {
        number: '424242424242',
        name: 'John Doe',
        exp_month: 12,
        exp_year: 2018

Secure By Design

No sensitive data is exposed, so it's more secure and robust.
Compliant with the latest ISO standards

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Trusted by fast growing firms all over Africa.

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